The Love’n’Graph program has been approved and endorsed by many professionals in the field of psychotherapy and in the dating and marriage service industry.

The beta version of the program was first introduced for trial use to family phsychotherapists, psychologists and a marriage service. These groups evaluated the program for its effectiveness, its ease of use and its convenience. The program was used for routine consultation in 62 standard cases.

Of the 62 cases in the trial, 77% of them were psychological counseling cases and the other 23% were marriage counseling cases.

The following points summarize and highlight the important findings and valued features of our program trial:

1. The program provides additional and extensive diagnostic materials for deeper consultation.

2. Output data is clearly and visually communicated in diagrams, graphs and charts that are easily understood and can be tailored using built-in filters to display the desired reports.

3. The client diagnostic and work projection features make it much faster and more efficient to determine a client’s problem areas and plot a course of action.

4. It provides a way to create self-profiles and partner profiles together (important for family consultation).

5. Empowers clients to overcome psychological barriers that hinder their attempts at direct communication.

6. This program motivates and inspires clients to work on their problems with or without a partner.

7. In almost all cases, using the program led to clients’ being able to recognize and understand the causes of their relational problems and to develop actionable steps for working on those problems.

8. It informs objectively to help clients diagnose problems more accurately and to make better choices and better decisions.

9. The program raises the level of a person’s understanding of their own responsibility for their own choices and decisions that affect their life.

10. It motivates people to make changes in their life.

11. It broadens a person’s general knowledge.

12. It teaches users how to deal with problems.

Following are some of the program’s weaknesses:

· A lot of time is required to work with the program to get the most benefit from it.

· The client may or may not be ready to do such deep, inner work on themselves.

· A limited ability of the client to independently draw effective conclusions from analysis.

Overall, professionals who have tested the program have commented that many clients were very open and willing to try the program. The Love’n’Graph development team hopes to make it a standard instrument in the workplace.