To inspire users to be more open, honest, and responsible with their feelings and emotions in their intimate relationships.

Obviously, Love'n'Graph is not a tool that can shield people from many various difficulties and problems that can arise in relationships. However, Love'n'Graph can help people understand themselves and their partners better, more objectively, and without illusions.

Let’s then also review Love'n'Graph in the same way — objectively and without illusions, evaluating its possibilities and limitations.

Let’s begin with limitations — what Love'n'Graph can’t do:

  • Love'n'Graph cannot make decisions for you. For example, it’s entirely your decision whether or not to build a relationship with someone and how you go about it. Love'n'Graph simply provides you with objective and powerful insights to help you make smarter decisions.
  • Love'n'Graph cannot make your relationship perfect, but it can tell you what changes are needed in order for your relationship to develop in the best possible way.
  • Love'n'Graph will not predict how successful or unsuccessful your relationship will be but will only show the critical areas of difference and potential conflict.
  • The program will not find an ideal partner for you, but it will help you create a detailed profile of the person who would be most suitable for you.
  • The program will not reveal areas of self-deception. If you are not honest with yourself when using the program, the resulting data and portraits of yourself, your partner, and your ideal partner will be inaccurate.
  • Love'n'Graph will not change your appearance, habits, job, family, or priorities. It can only help you understand what obstacles stand in your way to happiness.
  • The program will not change your way of thinking. It will only provide you with an effective means for analysis.
  • Love'n'Graph is not responsible for your personal life. It will only show you what is possible for you with change.

If you are not ready to change your life, this program will not work for you.

Now, let’s look at what Love'n'Graph can offer.

In essence, Love'n'Graph is an interactive, self-paced guide for self-analysis. So what can it do for you?

  1. It can be a rich source of information to help you understand many difficult life situations.
  2. It can help you address and answer questions about yourself and your partner, questions you haven’t thought about or preferred not to face, questions that are not always pleasant or easy to ask yourself.
  3. It can help you gather and store in one place all valuable insights about you, your partner, and your ideal partner. It delivers your unique analysis results in the form of tables, graphics, and other useful reports.
  4. It can help you acquire the knowledge and insights that provide the basis for confident and satisfying decision-making.
  5. It can help you go beyond typical, surface understanding and see things you never saw before so that you have a strong, fundamental understanding of yourself, which will help you think more productively about your life and future.
  6. It will help you see obstacles in your life as well as the things that are of real value for you, and the things that only drain you of time and energy.
  7. It will help you determine and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship.
  8. It will help you see yourself through the eyes of people you value.
  9. It will help you better understand yourself, your partner, and your relationship.
  10. It will help you see and notice the red flags in your relationship with your partner.
  11. It can help you create portraits of your future, ideal relationship, your beloved, and yourself. It will also help you put a working plan together for how to achieve your desired results.
  12. It can help you learn new ways of working through problems.
  13. It will inspire you to make constructive changes in your life.
  14. It will help you build a loving relationship with a real person, not an illusion.
  15. It will help you overcome your fears and prejudices, and help you find inner freedom.
  16. It will help you become more responsible for your own life and your decisions.
  17. It will give you the necessary tools to conduct honest and objective analyses of yourself and others.
  18. It will help you become more confident emotionally in love and will open you to love without hesitation, doubt, or the need to put on a mask.

Love'n'Graph is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to invest in their relationship and who has the drive, courage, and desire to do the most difficult and responsible work one can do for their relationship — to understand and work on themselves.

It was for this important purpose that Love'n'Graph was created, to make a difference through understanding in a convenient way. However, whether or not you benefit from this effective tool depends entirely on you.

Good luck to you and your love!