Our slogan at Love'n'Graph is: “FEEL, THINK, LOVE.” This is the main idea of our program and the central message we want to convey to our users. So what is Love'n'Graph about? Well, during the development of the program, we were thinking a lot about how true love is born. We asked ourselves what it is about love that makes a person happy.

Let’s take a look at the whole process of love from the beginning. When communicating with someone, we receive different information. Upon receipt of certain information, we react or respond to that information in various ways. An emotional response translates into what we call our feelings.

We meet a person, we have an incredibly positive reaction to them, and then a feeling appears. Is this feeling love? Maybe, and if so, it is wonderful. We use our logic to evaluate these feelings. If we see that there are no threats, doubts or fears in our feelings and we trust the person, we will let those feelings to develop into love.

First, we feel then we check our feelings with logic and finally we begin to love fully and truly. A logical check and analysis is not meant to kill romance but to make love a little more practical. We need logical analysis so that we can be completely sure in our feelings for someone. It will give us the confidence and assurance that will allow us to enjoy our love fully. It’s a little like car racing. If you are sure of the specs and mechanical soundness of the car, the quality of the road, and the absence of speed limits, you will put the pedal to the floor and enjoy the exhilaration of the race at high speeds. Thus, you won’t put your life, the lives of others, or your car at risk.

The same is true for love! If you check your feelings with logic and they prove to be genuine, not only will you be able to “play” with love but you’ll be able to really enjoy it in its fullness. This is where true love appears. You play an active part in it without pretending. You are real and you love a real person rather than your illusion. There’s no need for you to fit into someone’s expectations or force someone to fit into yours. You are sure in your love and in the person you love. There are no jealousies, threats or fears. True love is accompanied by a feeling of inner freedom. It makes you feel like you’re flying in the sky, free as a bird, and full of happiness.

We want to see love like this. We believe in feelings tested by logic. We believe in true love.